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Bourdin vs. Terry

Guy Bourdin & Terry Richardson

❤ thy Hunter xx



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On my fashion pedestal: Anita Pallenberg

In my fashion lexicon under “boho rock chic” is Anita Pallenberg. There needs to be a TV series based around her life; it’ll put the wardrobe of Sex in the City to shame. I was first introduced to her through one of my all time fav movies: Performance, where she starred alongside Mick Jagger (that will make a great season 3- the tangled sex triangle of Anita, Keith and Mick!).

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Gemma Ward returns to the spotlight!

What exciting news! Break a leg Gem.

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What ya up to Hedi Slimane?

“It’s like, mentally, he brings all these ideas and aesthetics together, and they’re all reflecting off each other, as though he’s got a hall of mirrors inside his head. It’s a very labyrinthine creativity. But all you see is the magic, the something-from-nothing he does. Hedi casts a wicked spell.” Touché Barnett (of These New Puritans), well said!

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well sir… its the first time i felt like something is mine

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big tick!

I love this outfit that Chanel Iman has put together here! I like to dub this “boho rock” (much to the disdain of my bf for the regular usage of that description!). This has inspired some looks for the coming summer as I try and steer away from my mono-tonal black jungle that my wardrobe seems to consist of!

❤ the jacket ❤ the headband ❤ the silhouette

❤ thy Hunter xx