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❤ thy Hunter xx


the unassuming view…

❤ thy Hunter xx



Bye bye house…

My beautiful home (in Melbourne). It has been my little sanctuary for the past 2 years and a great haven for many a dinner gatherings and impromptu parties. I share with you a tour of the house as we pack our belongings to start a new chapter in the orient!

Bye bye Melbourne, hello China!

❤ thy Hunter xx

Tree House

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Junk Love…

Described as: “Old school rustic NYC loft meets eccentric English manor owned by world traveler and collector.” Check out this amazingly decked out house of Michele Varian.

I love being a sticky beak when it comes to checking out people’s homes. While surfing for the net for some inspiration to deck out my own space I came across Michele Varian virtual home tour. I was in awe! I’m a huge hoarder, I personally couldn’t take it as far as she has, but I love what she has created! Check out all the pics at

❤ thy Hunter xx

❤ Couple dressing ❤


❤ thy Hunter xx

Wish you were here…

It’s been 2 years and 2 days since the passing of Heath Ledger…

I wanted to take the time to remember how inspiring he was to me. Heath had an amazing zest for life and the rare ability to live in the now. His array of talents extends beyond acting; encompasing, directing, photography, race car driving, champion chess player, fashion icon and the list goes on and on . I had the privilege of meeting him several times and he was an absolute top guy.  I was fortunate enough to attend a couple of his premiers as well as experience his hospitality when he invited us to stay with him in his amazing old home in Loz Feliz..

Below a mini tour through Heath’s old beautiful Loz Feliz home…

You are sorely missed Heath…

❤  thy Hunter xx