serious case of the TPS (tall poppy syndrome)

Okay, so Kemp is unbelievably stunning which lands her a modeling career which catches the eye of the oh-so-desirable and talented Sean Lennon who un-covers that she has actual music “talent” and together they form a band called the GOASTT creating music that the case of the TPS is making it hard for me to admit that I actually quite like!

After a couple of listens, its kinda catchy. Albeit; I think they are totally trying to cash in on the whole Serge Gainsbourg (musical prodigy) and Jane Birkin (sex on legs) coupling that have paved out a formula for guaranteed  social acceptance amongst the Avante Guard and Experimental scene-stars. I means; its a similar sound, similar aesthetics, similar writing of “let’s just do something really random, senseless and so left field” and dub it “nerdy” because we are “artists”. They are following the formula to perfection!

okay… So clearly that rant was a vent of the TPS and just quietly I would like to be that hot, that talented, musically gifted and land myself Sean Lennon. Some people do have it all!

❤ thy Hunter xx


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