Bye bye house…

My beautiful home (in Melbourne). It has been my little sanctuary for the past 2 years and a great haven for many a dinner gatherings and impromptu parties. I share with you a tour of the house as we pack our belongings to start a new chapter in the orient!

Bye bye Melbourne, hello China!

❤ thy Hunter xx


6 responses to “Bye bye house…

  1. Beautiful photos Jaqs! You are amazing behind and in front of a camera, nice work!
    What an amazing journey you both have just started together….
    Good luck and all the best… Will miss you so much but these blogs will keep you near our hearts
    Love you! xoxox

  2. Love it babe – could be featured in a weekend magazine!! xoxox

  3. Aww thanks guys, Love you to bits! xx
    Jo you are always too generous with your compliments as per usual. We are going to be back on chat as soon as I get off that plane xx
    Vannie, maybe I can try and enter it into The Selby… I think I fit the criteria of creative hoarder! ha! xx

  4. Wow!! I love all your stuff.. wish we could’ve hung out some more.. I’m really excited for you, and look forward to seeing/reading about your adventures! Happy travels gorgeous! Xx

  5. haha – thats two funny, When my sis saw them she said “very selby” you guys are diffently in sync – down to the birth date and all!! I shall be waiting for the dinner invite at your China pad. hehehe xoxox

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