Passing time with Urban Dictionary…

Procrastination and the internet are my biggest vice… I will spend hours and hours searching, looking, reading and never can I or will I get bored. My latest find that had me tickled pink (total bubble gum entertainment), was “urban dictionary“. I looked up my name and thought it was hilarious!

1. Jacqui
A girl who doesnt have much self respect, but she cant help it. She has GREAT!!!!! and i meen GGRREEAAATT BOOBS! n an AWESOME ASS! shes very very cuddly,n she smells good! If your name is jacqui, you are fucking awesome!!!
hey shes hott, oh you meen jacqui? yea!!
2. Jacqui
Pronunciation: ‘ja-kē’
Function: noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, conjunction, preposition, it is multi-faceted
Etymology: Originates from deep interior of colorful Puerto Rican rainforests; originally from “Jacqueline” (best pronounced when said by the original J)
Date: Jacqui-ing since 1990
Plural: there is no plural
Variants: Wacky, Wackamama, nena, mijita, Lady Jacqui, Gracey, Crazy mama, J, Michelle
: To have a wacky outlook on life, full of color. Gives life to its surroundings, (if lucky enough to be part of them). Talkative due to extensive bank of experiences, may be prone to extended periods of laughter/sillyness. Yes, all of these seemingly unrelated definitions are contained within this word, such is the nature of this entity.
Individual A: I need to go to lab today, it’s Saturday, but I have to work on some stuff
Individual B: Just make sure to pull a Jacqui: work hard on it but make sure you have some fun (and bake some pretty crazy ingredients)

Individual A: We had a great time out last night, hung out with chill people, had good drinks, laughed a lot, felt pretty good..
Individual B: It’s obvious your night was pretty Jacqui
3. Jacqui
a hott girl who is most likely a bojangle.
Whoa, look at that Jacqui over there across the street. I’d tap that.
4. Jacqui
1) A tribe of eskimo from the Canadia region. they spend most of their time getting buff by fighting polar bears, eating meese and walruses, and building igloos. When confronted with a problem, this peculiar eskimo will bitch excessively, argue, then make the other person/animal feel bad. A Jacqui’s worst fear is getting beaten with a bat.

2) A powdery, italian desert made from whipped egg whites and powdered sugar. Extremely difficult to bake, because they deflate easily. Commonly known as a meringue

If a Jacqui (eskimo) were to eat a Jacqui (desert), you’d have a cannibalistic Jacqui.
5. Jacqui
The most gorgeous girl in the whole world, she is beautiful inside and out. The best friend anyone could ever have. Normally twins with someone called Avery. Always says shibby, and gives people low fives, and getting revenge on creeps with rapevans.
“wow shes the best friend ever”(one person)”is her name jacqui” (other)

“shibbby” “dayum she must be a jacqui”

6. Jacqui
A girl, usually blonde, who likes shouting at the foreigners from the bus.
It wasnt a bad trip, too bad about the jacqui on the bus.
7. Jacqui
1. Refers to an act of youthful indiscretion (of an intimate nature), for which there can be no earthly pardon.

The comeback to any cuss.

❤  thy Hunter xx


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